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Nucific Bio X4 is a weight loss management Probiotic. It has got 39 million CFU's. It gives you improved digesteive system, reduces your extra weight and improves your mental performance. . .

Approved : By Doctors

Benefits : Weight Loss management, Digestive system, brain performance

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Nucific Bio X4 -4 in 1 Probiotic**Read Shocking Review**

Nucific Bio X4

BIO X4 is a stand-out progressive new compound of 4 demonstrated supplements for extreme digestive bolster and weight reduction administration. Probiotics sustain your GI tract with valuable gut microbes, advancing entrail normality and supporting safe wellbeing, while joining with Griffonia Seed Extract to smother yearnings. Our restrictive Digestive Enzyme Blend facilitates assimilation of carbs, fats, and proteins, while intense hostile to oxidizing Green Tea backings expanded digestion system. Together these 4 supplements deliver an intensifying impact for ideal digestive bolster, invigorating and revitalizing your body from the back to front! Nucific Bio X4 is a weight loss management Probiotic. It has got 39 million CFU's. It gives you improved digesteive system, reduces your extra weight and improves your mental performance

Bio X4

39 Billion CFU’s

When taken three capsules daily of Bio X4 you get 39 Billion CFU’s of good bacteria which over come the bad bacteria and gives your body a good digestive system and also keeps your body weight in line with your body.

4 in 1 Probiotic

Bio X4 is the only Probiotic which works in four different ways as:

1- It works as a digestive enzyme.

2- Contains 39 Billion CFUs of Probiotics to rebalance the digestive tract.

3- It works as appetite suppression with the help of 5HTP.

4- Works as a weight management supplement with the help of green tea extract.

Bio X4

The Only Probiotic Supplement which gives you Weight Management Bio X4 is the only Probiotic Supplement which also helps as a weight loss supplement. It is proven for its results by 3rd party Labs and certified for its benefits. Bio X4 includes green tea leaf extract in its ingredients to help you avoiding weight gain.

Bio X4

Certified by 3rd Party Labs

Nucific Bio X4 is certified and tested by 3rd party labs. So there is no doubt about its authenticity. It is being accredited because of its ingredients and functioning.

Product Safety

Bio X4 does not include any harm full ingredients like lactose, fillers, gluten. It made with 100% pure natural ingredients and perfect for vegetarians

Bio X4

90 Days refund policy

If you are not satisfied with the results of Bio X4 you can send the bottle back within 90 days and your money will be refunded immediately on no questions asked basis. So there is no hassle for you in getting your money back.

Bio X4


Bio X4 has the blend of following pure ingredients:

a- Lactobacillus Blend

1- Lactobacillus acidophilus

2- Lactobacillus rhamnosus

3- Lactobacillus plantarum

b- Bifidobacterum Blend

1- Bifidobacterum Lactis

2- Bifidobacterum animalis

c- Digestive Enzyme Blend

1- Amylase

2- Bromelain

3- Lipase

d- Weight Management Blend

1- Green tea leaf extrac

e- Craving Control Blend

1- 5HTP

Bio X4

Side Effects

This Supplement is made with pure ingredients and does not carry any side effects at all.

Recommended Dosage

Recommended dosage is three capsules daily. Each with a meal i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bio X4

Where to buy?

Bio X4 is currently not available at any store. You can only buy it from its official website. To visit its official website you can follow any of the links given here on this page.

How does it work?

Eating probiotics increases the body's immune response to the entry of pathogens. One of the beneficial effects attributed to probiotics is that bacteria have (lactobacilli) compete with pathogenic bacteria prevent or block installed in the intestine. Colon is one of the most active devices metabolism in the human body and plays an important role in nutrition and health. Between the various components of minutes, a colon bacteria (Alpfidobktiria and lactobacilli) that prevent the growth of harmful to human health, and therefore there is currently great interest in improving the development that will benefit, resulting in a cut-induced growth. Following are the four major benefits you get by consuming Bio X4:

1- Digestive catalysts that help get you the most extreme measure of supplements out of all that you eat.

2- 39 Billion Colony-Forming Units (CFUs) of Probiotics to rebalance your digestive tract with solid gut microscopic organisms

3- The ravenousness stifling & temperament upgrading force of 5HTP

4- EGCG, sourced from Green Tea Extract, to help bolster your digestion system

Bio X4

What is Probiotic?

Probiotics: These resident bacteria that colonize the gastrointestinal tract, vagina and mouth. These bacteria are "friendly" such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgarian, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium's long, miserable clay is the first to defend the body against potentially harmful microbes that are inhaled or ingested line.

Probiotic bacteria

Stay in the digestive system of about 400 different types of microorganisms. Some, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria, for example, are good because they help to digest food and nutrients to take advantage of her. Others, such as E. coli and salmonella laEscherichia are pathogens that cause diarrhea and poisoning.

In a healthy person, and as a benign bacteria colonies -evitan police squad of pathogenic bacteria thrive and invade the region. Eating foods and probiotic is a safe and simple way to enter the good bacteria in your system.

These bacteria multiply in the digestive tract, and compete with the causes of forcing them out of your system diseases. Yogurt with active cultures (live) and fermented foods such as sauerkraut are probiotics, and Australian researchers studied the role of probiotics in foods he says. These are available in the form of supplements in capsules, tablets or powders also.

Over more than a century, noted Russian scientist Elie Metchnikoff, Nobel, the Belgian farmers consume milk, and had a long and healthy life: the origin of probiotics. When milk analysis, I discovered contain microbes that live naturally in the intestines we have. Today we call probiotics, sold in capsule, powder and fermented dairy products.

We all have the intestinal flora unique, individual, such as fingerprints, and keep them for life. Its recoverable may decline because of the stress and drug and alcohol intake, especially antibiotics. With the passage of time to heal, but take an additional dose may accelerate the process and avoid infections and diarrhea.

The characteristics of probiotics

How it works: Take probiotics additional help us in many ways. Besides increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, they have a direct effect on the cell membrane that covers and prevent the inflammatory process. Some strengthen the immune system to modify the action of white blood cells and antibodies.

According to alternative medicine if tests were not present scientific-, an imbalance in the intestinal flora can cause a condition called "leaky bowel syndrome" in large particles that pass through the intestinal wall and cause an immune response in turn causes an allergic reaction. Avoid this imbalance is a key recommendation of physical therapy.

What is the evidence to be effective?

A recent article published in the Medical Journal of Australia confirmed that probiotics can help prevent or mitigate the different types of diarrhea, including infectious diseases, those caused by rotavirus or antibiotics virus and private.

It is also believed that the beneficial probiotics against disorders such as ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. And they are investigating the potential beneficial effects in other diseases, such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative enterocolitis, says Dr. Andrew Day, a professor at the Faculty of Women and Child Health at the University of New South Wales.

It is also found that probiotics strengthen the immune system and help in cases such as eczema and possibly asthma. A recent European study has found that children whose mothers took a probiotic during pregnancy, has seen less diarrhea, allergies and infections.

Finally, some doctors now believe that the decline in the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the gut (By abuse of antibiotics or to live in a sterile environment) may explain, in part, the increase in obesity, allergies and other diseases.

How you can consume probiotics?

The main natural source of probiotics is yogurt, especially items that contain the active lactobaci. Fermented milk drinks are also a good source. In some countries, probiotics are added to other foods, such as bread, sausages and ice cream. If you need a high-dose (being on antibiotics, for example), you should take a supplement. Probiotics in food is sold in capsules and powders.

How often should I take them?

If you take a supplement of probiotics, follow the instructions that appear on the product label.

How do I know whether it is the correct dose?

There are many types of probiotics, and prevent or mitigate some diseases or fill specific needs, a variety específica.El problem is to take a lot of them die before reaching the part of the intestine where they are useful. In addition to getting a certain type of probiotics that you need, you must ensure that you take the correct dose. We need to between 100 million and 1.000 million live probiotics every day. Although the quality control of food vary from country to country standards, experts say must contain yogurt and drinks, probiotic million at least live bacteria per gram, and the companies that manufacture products with bioactive components should also refer to the amount contained in the label nutrition . However, there is no uniform way to calculate bacteria.

Recent studies reveal that not all brands of yogurt and probiotic milk drinks that are sold in these countries has a minimum required quantity of live bacteria in grams (more than a million) and also have differences in quality. The best advice is to choose products that meet the criteria (for any questions can consult the Office of the consumer) protection, buy them in stores that sell these foods often, and put in the refrigerator.

The risk of consumption: In theory, being microorganisms that would normally be part of our own plants, hardly can cause infectious problems, so it is a very low probability of the negative effects of long probiotics.

From a few people who have some experienced diarrhea, blood poisoning and a few who were too sick or weak immune systems may only contract (generalized presence of pathogens in the blood infection process). Moreover, these side effects are rare does not appear to be related to the quantity of probiotics ingested. Some probiotic capsules available in the diet containing microbes to 10,000 million each, and studies doses up to 360,000 billion bacteria without the people of the current problems have been carried out.

Interest: Currently, probiotics have proved useful and beneficial in:

* The treatment of acute infectious diarrhea in children and adults

* The prevention of antibiotic associated diarrhea in children and adults

* Some of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, pouchitis)

Improve symptoms due to poor digestion of lactose

* Improve some symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

* The prevention of intestinal inflammation in preterm infants

Bio X4

Nucific Bio X4 -4 in 1 Probiotic**Read Shocking Review**

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